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Our Smart Fleet Service Managers will take the time to meet with you, learn your company and the way you do business with respect to your fleet. We will work with you to establish the most convenient ways to perform maintenance and repairs on your vehicles. Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective, convenient, and comprehensive fleet services, so that you can focus your valuable time and energy on your business. There is no contract involved, but can be provided if your company requires one. Our aim is to do things the way you want and need them done. Remember, it's not what is convenient for us It’s what is convenient for you and your business. Our job is to keep the wheels on your vehicles rolling so that you can keep the wheels of your business running.
Serving the greater New York City area with pride!

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Smart Fleet Maintenance Services

  • Diesel Truck Repair
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Emergency Road-Side Service (eliminate costly tow charges)
  • Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Brakes: Pads/Shoes/Caliper
  • Engine Repair Specialist
  • Transmission Services
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We Have the Technology

Smart Fleet Maintenance takes pride in what we do for all of our clients thats why we invested heavily in the latest up to date software & technology in order to ensure all of our clients have the confidence in us to get the job diagnosed accurately and repaired right the first time!

Our laptops and diagnostic tools do much more then just pull trouble, codes we are capable of getting into the heart of any engine and/or sub system on your vehicle to perform in depth detailed tests and diagnostics to determine if anything is out of balance both mechanical and electrical on any make or model truck. Our software is exactly what you will find at any dealership for what ever vehicle you have in your fleet, the only difference is you skip the wait dealerships put you through.

Stuck On The Road?

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    Flat Fix/Tire Replacement

    We’ll dispatch a service agent to change your vehicle’s flat tire to your drivable spare, or if blown out or damaged beyond repair we can bring you a new or used tire so you can safely reach your destination.

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    Battery Boost/Jump Start

    We Jump start your truck/car with the proper equipment to ensure the safety of your electrical system. The truth is, the wrong technique could lead to personal injury or damage to your vehicle.

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    Fuel Delivery Services

    Running out of gas can be one of the worst ways to start or end your day, but with the quick and convenient fuel delivery services from Smart Fleet there’s no need to worry. We’ll Deliver any quantity of fuel any where in tristate area..

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    Computer Diagnostic

    Your Check Engine light came on? Truck won’t start? no worries we can diagnose the problem for you. Send the mechanic with the spare parts required. If the problem is too sever we can bring it back to our headquarters and fix it.

"We use Smart Fleet Truck Repair for our entire fleet. Unlike many other shops they work on every make and model of vehicle that we have without question. We have diesel and gas vehicles and they work on both. Many other shops have all sorts, of disclaimers, 'we do this, but not that', 'why don't you bring us these vehicles, but take these others to the dealership?'. As a branch manager, it is invaluable to me to be able to make one phone call, and not think about it again until the work is done. I want a one stop shop, and Smart fleet is just that. They are truly our fleet consultants and cant imagine switching. Their pricing is competitive, reliable, and best of all they come to us to do the work. Why wouldn't we use them?".


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